Jonathan has shot more than twenty documentaries for broadcast and non profits. His reel features clips from many of the films he has shot over the past ten years. Some of his recent films include:

In The Life, a monthly PBS newsmagazine series. I shot the episode on the Defense of Marriage Act and its effects on the LGBT community.

Election Day, a feature documentary shot in eight locations on a single election day. PBS broadcast on POV. Watch the trailer.

Men Of The Cloth, a feature documentary that looks at the global economy through the lives of two elderly, master Italian tailors who are the last of their kind. In post production. Watch the trailer

Under Our Skin, a feature documentary exposing the Lyme Disease epidemic in the U.S., directed by award winning filmmaker Andy Wilson. Watch the trailer.

Women of the Wall, a half hour documentary about feminism and religious pluralism in Israel. Multiple award winner. Read more.

Director of Photography

“Jonathan is an intuitive and sensitive DP. In difficult shooting situations, he displays equal parts compassion and artistry and has a deft ability to take a director’s guidance and blend it with his own, unique eye for the frame. The reward of working with him comes in the edit room. You’ll always find, woven among the shots you knew you wanted, a few delicate surprises—a tender emotional note or a graceful aesthetic touch—that make your footage sing.”

—Faye Lederman, Director, Women of the Wall