Menorah Housing Foundation has been building affordable housing units for low-income seniors for more than thirty years. Their buildings are some of the most beautiful in Los Angeles County and continue to win awards year after year. With innovative financing solutions that combine federal, state and county dollars, they are able to place vulnerable, low-income seniors in elegant one-bedroom apartments that are convenient to shopping, medical facilities and public transportation.

Despite Menorah’s impressive track record, they remain largely unknown in the wider community. For this reason, they wanted to produce a short video that would highlight their achievements in the context of the growing housing crisis for low-income seniors and the tragic increase in the population of homeless seniors.

With a tight, three-day shooting schedule, we produced this beautifully-shot, high-definition video for Menorah Housing Foundation that elegantly combines tenant testimonials, interviews with staff, poetic camerawork and the Foundation’s photographic archive. (TRT: 8 minutes)

Visit Menorah Housing Foundation’s website here.


Menorah Housing Foundation