Rabbis for Human Rights N. America

Founded in 2002, Rabbis for Human Rights - North America (RHR-NA) is an organization of rabbis from all streams of Judaism dedicated to expanding support for the mission and work of RHR in Israel, and to education and advocacy on human rights issues in North America. RHR-NA promotes discussion of human rights issues in the Jewish community by bringing speakers from RHR into Jewish communities nation-wide, sends delegations to Israel to join colleagues in protecting human rights in Israel, and supports the efforts of RHR to change Israeli policies that lead to human rights violations.

RHR-NA asked Skurnik Productions to take two hours of footage shot on a recent mission to Israel, along with still photos, and make a short video that demonstrates the transformational power of visiting with human rights activists in Israel.

Visit Rabbis for Human Rights North America’s Website. (TRT: 9:30 minutes)