Sacred Earth Network’s (SEN) Indigenous People’s Project highlights SEN’s ground breaking cultural exchanges between Native Americans and Indigenous Siberians. For more than five years, SEN has successfully procured funding to bring native people from both continents to visit with their indigenous counterparts in order to support each other in cultural restoration, protection of sacred sites and political empowerment.

Skurnik productions shot the film over the course of three years in Siberia and throughout Native America, during three different exchanges. SEN wanted to share the power and beauty of their work with individuals and organizations who support and empower indigenous people’s movements. They understood the the best way to do this is with video that shows both the intellectual aspects of the exchanges as well as the ceremonial, spiritual and emotional interactions. And finally, they wanted the indigenous participants to speak for and about themselves.

SEN is using the film educate, celebrate and garner further support to expand the program. (TRT: 13 minutes)

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Sacred Earth Network