Welfare Made A Difference

This short documentary was commissioned by the Community Food Resource Center (now The Food Bank) in New York City to demonstrate the positive impact welfare can have on families. Cities across America had recently overhauled the their welfare-to-work programs, eliminating education from the activities that qualified as work. As a result, tens of thousands of welfare recipients were forced to leave school and take menial jobs at one fourth of the minimum wage. This change was instituted despite the fact that more then 85% of people on welfare who go to school never return to welfare after graduation.

To convince audiences of the value of education as a legitimate activity while receiving welfare, Skurnik productions profiled Massachussetts state senator Diane Wilkerson. While on welfare, Senator Wilkerson attended law school and raised two children. Now she gives back as a policy maker, mother, grandmother and community member. (TRT: 10 minutes)

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